How is IVF egg retrieval done?

Egg retrieval or OPU (Oocyte Pick-Up) with its abbreviation is the process of collecting eggs with a needle applied from the vagina under the guidance of ultrasonography. This procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia. Therefore, egg retrieval is a painless procedure.

Since it is done under anesthesia, it is absolutely necessary not to eat or drink anything from 24:00 the previous evening.

The collected eggs are evaluated by expert embryologists in the laboratory in the next room and are prepared for classical in vitro fertilization or microinjection procedures.

There is no harm in taking paracetamol type painkillers, as sometimes groin and abdominal pain may occur after the application. Within a few hours, patients can eat their meals and be discharged. There is a rare risk of inflammation and bleeding after egg retrieval. In these cases, the necessary treatment is done urgently, but this rate is less than 1%.

The eggs obtained are fertilized with the sperms given by the male on the same day. This procedure can be classical in vitro fertilization or microinjection.

In case of difficulties during sample collection for spermiogram, it is also possible to collect sperm from the testicles under local anesthesia.

What is the Effect of Ovarian Cysts on IVF Treatment?

In patients with ovarian cysts detected before treatment, treatment can be started if the diameter of the cyst is smaller than 3 cm and the estradiol hormone level in the blood has not increased. During the use of needles called analog, which are used to suppress the ovaries before treatment, simple cysts can be seen as a result of the inflammatory effect of these needles.  If these cysts are smaller than 3 cm, but the hormone level in the blood is high, the duration of the analogue used is extended, If it is larger than 3 cm, if the shrinkage cannot be achieved even though the usage time of the needle is extended, this cyst fluid can be removed with the help of a needle. The mechanical effect of the mass occupying the ovary is eliminated. More egg cells (ovum) can be obtained from these patients who have had cyst aspiration.

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